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Women and their love for rings are everlasting. You could never have enough rings as there are so many categories there. From bridal rings to casual rings, from simple bands to engagement rings, every woman needs rings in different stages of their lives. Ghasi Ram Jewellers’ extensive ring collection will certainly make everyone happy. 

Eye-catching or elegant, magnificent or subtle, rings can be of every type. It is a type of jewellery that everyone in the world can carry beautifully. That is why Ghasi Ram Jewellers’ gorgeous ring collection is so popular. 


Necklaces certainly hold an integral part in any jewellery ensemble. With varying lengths and designs, a necklace can easily uplift any look effortlessly. The necklace collection in Ghasi Ram Jewellers is so vast that searching for the perfect piece will be a piece of cake for anyone. 

Ghasi Ram Jewellers specializes in offering its customers a wide variety of necklaces. From overly glamorous bridal necklaces to elegant and sleek necklaces, at Ghasi Ram Jewellers, everyone will find their perfect necklace. 


For any Indian Hindu woman, Mangalsutra is an integral part of their lives. At Ghasi Ram Jewellers, Mangalsutras are created with utmost care as we know how important are they to you. 

Mangalsutras are not just a piece of traditional jewellery in today’s age; they are also style statements. That is why at Ghasi Ram Jewellers, we have brought to you several different categories of Mangalsutras in widely different designs. 


Earring is one of the most-used pieces of jewellery in the world. By only donning a gorgeous pair of earrings, anyone could become instantly radiant. At Ghasi Ram Jewellers, each one of our pair of earrings is beautifully crafted. 

From Jhumkas to studs, from ear-cuffs to hoops, at Ghasi Ram Jewellers, we bring you a multitude of earrings. Our earring collection will certainly make you content and blissful. 


An elegant anklet can accentuate any woman’s looks. At Ghasi Ram Jewellers, we pride ourselves on our gorgeous anklet collection in both gold and silver. 

Gold or silver, gem-studded or intricately designed, we at Ghasi Ram Jewellers offer you an extensive collection of phenomenal anklets at competitive prices. 


Kadas are integral to Indians. Both women or men have a deep relationship with Kadas. That is why Ghasi Ram Jewellers have brought to you beautifully designed Kadas, which will be perfect for every occasion. 

At Ghasi Ram Jewellers, we offer you a wide variety of Kadas with gorgeous designs. For
both men and women, we offer Kadas, which are appropriate for every occasion. 

Wedding Collection in Rohtak

Ghasi Ram Jewellers is a major store in the Jewellery market of Rohtak. With a lineage of more than a decade, we know how much you trust us. 

To maintain your trust, we make sure our gold jewellery collection is up to the mark. Not only are our gold pieces of jewellery beautifully and intricately designed, but they are 100% trustworthy. 

Gold is one of the most precious metals globally, and we know how much effort you have to put in to possess it. That is why all of our gold jewellery is great for investments. Our authentic pieces make sure your money does not go to waste. 

Ghasi Ram Lajpat Rai Jain Jewellers

Looking for Custom Jewellery?

It’s as simple as that. We take pride in designing any kind of jewellery that will make you fall in love with yourself after adorning it over your body. Give us a chance to change how you see yourself after wearing our custom pieces.